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SAARCS Seminar





The MMSP being a professional body has been actively involved in organizing the events con­cerning with development of Ports and Ship­ping in Pakistan. MMSP was established in 1978 to provide a platform where the Maritime Professionals to meet and discuss common problems and find solutions, acceptable and beneficial to Marine Community. MMSP con­centrated on helping Government to help them­selves creating an awareness and appreciation of new concepts, changes and improvements in the Global Maritime field and up-dating the knowledge of Merchant Marine Community in general. MMSP has been honored of having ar­ranged two International Seminars earlier and it was another feather in the cap of MMSP be­ing entrusted by the ministry of Communica­tions and Ministry of Foreign affairs to organize Seminar under the auspices of SAARC. The South Asian Region enjoys very important place in the world economy, the countries of the region represent a very large market base for the International trade with a population of about 1.3 billion people and being situated strategion on East/West Lane.


It has been so unfortunate that due to rivalries between the Sub-Continental countries, the re­gion remained unrepresented in terms of their share in Ports and Shipping sector. It is a mat­ter of great satisfaction that the SAARC coun­tries felt importance of having discussion on Ports and Shipping Industry and to learn from each others experience thus agreeing for hold­ing of a Seminar at Karachi on 10th and II"1 December, 1996 at Sheraton Hotel


The Seminar provided an excellent opportunity for inter-action between the delegates of the SAARC countries and helped in establishing not only shipping but business relations as well. The Seminar not only benefited the Government of­ficials. Port Managers. Shipping Companies. Forwarders, Shippers and business men in gen­eral but it also helped in improving relations between the SAARC countries. It provided an opportunity for the delegates to sit together and frame recommendations/resolutions for the benefit of Ports and Shipping sector in Sub-Continent


The Members of the Master Mariners Society who have helped in organizing the Seminar vol­untarily deserve commendations and apprecia­tion for burning the night oil to make the event a success. It has been a great satisfaction to the Members of the Executive Committee and Members of MMSP having seen the Seminar held successfully and delegates appreciating the arrangements. The seminar was of International standard and we are confident that all participants must have been benefited.


MMSP will continue its efforts to hold such events in future for the betterment of Shipping Industry in Pakistan, it is also interesting to note that our regular publication Mariner has played an important role in the development of Mari­time Sector in Pakistan. The Special Edition on this particular occasion was published which was found equally interesting and important as it has been on previous occasion.






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kindly note that submission of Nomination form has been extended till 9 May 2015, due to annual dinner event. Ensure that the Nomination form should reach MMSP office on or 9 May 2015.

Capt. Khawaja Wasiuddin Siddiqi Dupty Election Commissioner

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To honour
Chief Patron of MMSP and Chief of Naval Staff Who has kindly consented to be the Chief Guest on this Occasion at Convention Hall, Pakistan Maritime Museum Near Karsaz, Karachi,
on Friday, the 24 April 2015

at 2000 hrs

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If, we go into time Tunnel, the era from 2003-2007, efforts were made to convert Pakistan Marine Academy to Pakistan Maritime University, so that different faculties of Maritime education may be established locally.


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May 14, 2015

Executive Committee Meeting of Master Mariner Society of Pakistan will be held at 17.30 Hrs. at Room No 18, Old Ralli Brothers Building, Talpur Road, Karachi.

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