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International Conference





A Conference on Seafarers training, employment and manning, (STEM 2001) was organized for the Paki­stani Maritime Community by the Master Mariners Society of Pakistan.


MMSP was honored by Admiral Abdul Aziz Mirza. Chief of the Naval Staff and chief patron of MMSP for the conference inauguration and Lt. Gen. ( R ) Javed Ashraf Qazi. Minister of Communications and Railway for presiding over the concluding session.


MMSP, as an apex professional body of seafarers in Pakistan, was fortunate enough to assemble well-known foreign and Pakistani experts who presented their technical papers in the two sessions of the STEM -2001 Conference. Total 12 papers of high profes­sional standard were presented and these papers generated wholesome interaction with the participants for the purpose of :

a)    Identifying the potential market for seafaring employment.

b)   Augmenting education and training facilities for seafarers in

     the country in order to meet STCW - 95 and ISM Code

     requirements and satisfying employers needs.

c)   Evolving a set of recommendations for pre­senting to the

     government and private sector institutions as a step towards

     achieving the objectives

The Conference recognized that:

a)   Demand of seafarers for foreign ships is rising. Even at

     present there is a shortage of skilled Seafarers in world



b)   Foreign ship owners and operators require that seafarers

     possess a high professional compe­tence and good technical

     skills, commitment to good performance and communication

     skills in the English language


c)   Full understanding of present complex con­ventions and rules

    (ISM / STCW) regarding Port State Control, is demanded by

    the employers.



In order to achieve the objectives following recommendation are made at the seminar STEM 2001.

  1. A permanent "National STEM Commission" may be established to take appropriate action for seafarers' train­ing and employment needs to match the international requirements. The Commission should comprise the pri­vate and public sector stakeholders and professional bodies like Master Mariners Society of Pakistan

  2. The qualifying seatime for taking Cer­tificate of Proficiency in survival craft examination to be reduced from 12 to 6 months as in STCW - 95

  3. Private sector to be encouraged to participate in IMO training model courses for trainers.

  4. Provide equal opportunity for private sector to participate in Pakistani del­egations to TMO and other Forums.

  5. Upgrade all facilities presently avail­able at the Pakistan Marine Academy and ensure effective utilization of exisiting facilities.

  6. Private sector should organize for col­lective marketing of our seafarers' services to foreign employers.

  7. To trim down the joining process by doing away with antiquated require-ments of NOC and Sign On etc.. such that crew can be dispatched to ship within the shortest possible time after selection.

  8. Ship Manning agencies should be freed from unnecessary documenta­tion and regulatory regime, by elimi­nating duality of control. Ship manning companies have to seek two licenses one from the custom and the other from the Ministry of communications. This duplication can be easily avoided by sticking to the age-old customs li­cense




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To honour
Chief Patron of MMSP and Chief of Naval Staff Who has kindly consented to be the Chief Guest on this Occasion at Convention Hall, Pakistan Maritime Museum Near Karsaz, Karachi,
on Friday, the 24 April 2015

at 2000 hrs

All members and Mariners are requested to collect their cards from MMSP Secretariat.
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If, we go into time Tunnel, the era from 2003-2007, efforts were made to convert Pakistan Marine Academy to Pakistan Maritime University, so that different faculties of Maritime education may be established locally.


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