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A milestone in the maritime history



"Lifetime Achievement Award" To Veteran Mariners - Annual Dinner 2012


Honorable Federal Minister of Ports & Shipping Senator Babur Khan Ghori, was the Chief Guest at Master Mariners Society of Pakistan function of LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD CEREMONY AND ANNUAL DINNER 2012, AT Marriot Hotel Karachi on 15th April, 2012 at 2030 hours.


The President Capt. Haleem Siddiqui in his inaugural address, welcoming the Chief Guest, valued invitees and honorable members of the society, deliberated the role of eminent mariners prior inception and thereafter 1947 to-date. He lauded the role of Master Mariners, who not only contributed in the establishment of Merchant Marine in the newly conceived State of Pakistan, but were called upon by emerging countries viz Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka to build their fleet and Ports. This honour was bestowed and today the largest Shipping Line NOL was established by a Pakistani Master Mariner. The President touched in detail, independently the services rendered by the Master Mariners from 1947 todate highlighting all. He made it abundantly clear that merit was the only choice in those days, so professionals of repute carned recognisation locally and abroad both. The President requested the Minister to induct Merchant Mariners on merits in the organization under his control, so that Master Mariners may be able to give their professional acumen as a value added product in the growth. Capt. Haleem touched upon the role of training and PMA and alerted that shortage of Officers is about 30,000 plus, thus we may fill in the vacuum by adhering to needs of IMO latest conventions. The President also appreciated the services of Capt. Anwar Shah DG. Ports & Shipping / Chairman Gwader Port and lauded that he is the first Pakistani to become the governor of World Maritime University Sweden, a singular achievement.

The Chairman PNSC / KPT and Port Qasim also applauded the role of Master Mariner in their organizations and welcomed the professional Master Mariner to join.
The Minister responding, the address of President in totality agreed the role played by Master Mariners in past and present both and welcomed the young generation to join, KPT, Port Qasim, PNSC etc. He wondered that if a Pakistani Master Mariner can be Director Operation of Port of Houston, as to why Master Mariners are deprived of the top slot in the country of their origin, thus he impressed on MMSP to provide him particulars of mariners of repute. Senator Babur at length condemned the induction on quota system and agreed that only merit, but merit should be the basis of selection. The audience applauded the extempore speech and welcomed his frank address. The Minister announced boldly whilst responding to President, that he publicly announced that Pakistan Marine Academy management be awarded to Master Mariners Society of Pakistan to train and Produce professionals, inferior to none in the world. The Minister was finally given a standing ovation by 500 audience of members and their spouse.


Awards were presented by Minister to:

  1. Capt. Nasimul Haque

             Extra Master Mariner

  2. Mr. Hassan Abbas

    FIMarE, Chartered Engineer

  3. Capt. Asad Ali Khan

  4. Engr. Badar ul Hassan HI,SI

  5. Capt. Sohail Sultan

  6. Capt. Abdul Jabbar Randeo T.St.

for their valuable contribution to profession as Merchant Mariners of repute.

Thereafter vote of thanks was made by Capt. Nusrat, General Secretary, subsequently requesting guests to  proceed for sumptuous dinner.

The event was not only attended by members and spouse based at Pakistan, but Master Mariners serving at Singapore, Gulf, Malaysia also joined the fraternity as token of support. Whilst valued invitees were Justice Saeed uz Zaman Siddiqui Ex. Chief of Naval Staff, Ex. Chairman Rector Bahria University, Pro Vice Chancellor NED University, Kuwait Petroleum Company, Pakistan State Oil and many shipping and various organizations.

This event will go in the annals of Pakistan Maritime history, whilst MMSP may launch a project of writing history of Pakistan Merchant Marine since inception, so that our posterity is taught the values and achievements of Merchant Mariners as a part of their syllabus. The President agreed to Ministerís proposal to undertake the assignment.  The President tool seriously the offer of managing PMA, which will be deliberated by the E.C. to respond to Ministerís call, if found viable, after writing a compendium to asses the feasibility of the project. MMSPís role and recognition was visible due to house full participants, members and invitees from all shades of life.






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Dear Members
kindly note that submission of Nomination form has been extended till 9 May 2015, due to annual dinner event. Ensure that the Nomination form should reach MMSP office on or 9 May 2015.

Capt. Khawaja Wasiuddin Siddiqi Dupty Election Commissioner

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To honour
Chief Patron of MMSP and Chief of Naval Staff Who has kindly consented to be the Chief Guest on this Occasion at Convention Hall, Pakistan Maritime Museum Near Karsaz, Karachi,
on Friday, the 24 April 2015

at 2000 hrs

All members and Mariners are requested to collect their cards from MMSP Secretariat.
Ph 32418784
cell 0333-3113265
or call Capt. Nusrat Iqbal (GS-MMSP) Cell: 0300-8245399
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If, we go into time Tunnel, the era from 2003-2007, efforts were made to convert Pakistan Marine Academy to Pakistan Maritime University, so that different faculties of Maritime education may be established locally.


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May 14, 2015

Executive Committee Meeting of Master Mariner Society of Pakistan will be held at 17.30 Hrs. at Room No 18, Old Ralli Brothers Building, Talpur Road, Karachi.

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