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Bombay is Condemned By All Pakistanis




The tragedy of Bombay is condemned by all Pakistanis and loss of life is equally mourned in Pakistan.

I, recall 2006, when I was invited by USTDA at Bombay to present paper on the South East Asian Regional Port Developments, a two day seminar at posh Renaissance Hotel near the lake. Enjoying Indian delicacies and music and affection of Indian friends from my fraternity is alive in my memory. I also recall being invited for lunch at Taj Hotel Club by Mr. J.C. Anand Chairman of IRS, along-with Chairman of JNPT, SCI and others. I and my wife both were greeted warmly. Equally I recall my trip to Delhi in December 2006 to sign the Shipping Protocol where too we enjoyed the courtesy not only by Govt. but person to person basis as well.

I use to meet Indian Beaureucrates at IMO / ILO etc where we were together on lunch, agreeing on agenda or at times, there was difference of opinion on various matters being discussed. During discussion in lighter vein a senior beaureucrate of India remarked that if there is some family feud even, we blame ISI, so in Pakistan we blame CIA, Mossad and RAW. It is the typical sub-continental mind set, not to accept or own the responsibility , a genetic disorder. When I was interviewed by various T.V. Channels on sad Bombay killings, I emphasized that the act is condemnable, but responsible people on either side of the divide may exercise caution in making aggressive statements. We may only respond and should not react at all.

Indian Navy, Coast Guard and Security forces need a escape goat and the easiest is to blame, rather than looking into their institutional lapses. Security lapses have taken place in USA, U..K. and Pakistan but we must own and take to task people who were responsible for guarding the sea frontiers, instead of blaming. The matter must be investigated thread bare before you hold neighbors responsible, but even then, why the forces failed to safe guard is a big searching question?

The Indian media created hype by blaming two Pakistani cargo ships, but none of the two exists with Registrar of Shipping, as Pakistan does not have a single ship of Private Sector and our Public Sector only owns 14 ships and none of the PNSC Ship was named by Indian media.

The Indian navy destroyer recently having shelled a Thai Fishing Trawler is widely condemned for the loss of life on mistaken identity as pirates, and not complying to U.N. Security Council Resolution 1816 (2008) The correct procedure is followed by U.S. Navy, that a boarding party is sent to ascertain if the ship is involved in any other business than commercial shipping. Thailand has protested by sending a note verballe to Indian Govt. through diplomatic channels, but did not request to summon Indian Naval Chief to Bangkok, the unprecedented demand, which was agreed too in haste to pacify. The controversy of pronouncing wrongly sovereign has now been resolved..

It is too early to draw conclusions as we all know that Mr. Bal Thackery son is against Behari cab drivers and all northern as he believe that Maharashtra is for Maharashtrans only. The Bombay as Karachi as I know has lot disparity between have and have nots, so these could be many more home grown linkages to this sad episode, remains to be investigated to arrive at definite conclusion.

Every religion has harboured extremism be it Hindu, Christian or Muslim. The recent incident of Indian Army Officers involved in communal war is an eye opener. Extremist claim that “Faith is what I die for, and dogma is what I kill for” Intolerance and persecution with it, has distorted human nature into false and artificial shapes. Some try to palliate or even excuse the crimes committed in religious belief. I quote that “ Most of Man’s misfortunes are occasioned by man” Pliny the elder", said.

In circumstances of betrayal or tragedy. the instinct to lay blame is overwhelmingly strong, because whether or not doing so is appropriate, it is almost the only relief for painful emotions. Sometimes the target of blame is obvious, sometimes not, but loss and grief must have their scapegoats.

Wherever particular blame, if any, is to be laid for the tragedies occasioned by wars and massacres, there is certainly a general blame. It lies on human kind for its propensity to make war and preparations for war, allowing such vast social resources to go into the production and operation of machineries of death - guns, bombs, landmines, hand-grenades, tanks, airplanes, sophisticated military engineering, millions of men, even more millions of tones of explosive steel, all round the world, specially dedicated to the task of killing other humans and smashing the physical fabric of civilization. If there were no war, no conflict, no jealousy between peoples, there would be no guns and bombs. That is where the blame lies: on us, because we all supinely accept – thinking that we are being sensibly realistic – that armies and weapons are inevitable. It lies on us because we accept, even if tacitly, that violence and its instruments are necessary features of the world. The acceptability of preparations to kill other people is the source of all the tragedies, great and small, that come from our arming the whole world with instruments of death, by which thousands therefore duly die, all round the world, every year.

Whereas blame is justified in this universal sense, it is by contrast inappropriate in an important aspect of the particular, namely, in the breakdown of personal relationships, where it likewise tends to be endemic. One way of recovering from these smaller tragedies is, in fact, to learn how to stop blaming. There is a futile symmetry in domestic blame: a man blames his wife for having an affair and leaving him, while she in turn blames him for what the lawyers call “constructive desertion”, perhaps (and usually) by failing to answer her need for intimacy and thereby driving her away. When we cease laying blame we either take responsibility for our own contributions, or become free to recognize that blame is irrelevant: for such thinks happen as part of the whirligig of life, and laying blame is a waste of energy which could be better directed at repairing damage or starting afresh. .


I, request all saner elements in India and Pakistan to avoid blame game and electronic media must remain cautious in its reporting of events. Indian Media has matured and was complimented in un-earthing Gujrat / Orissa massacre by employing highly educated investigating intellectuals and pin pointing a serving army colonel. It saddened me, when I saw notables like Kuldip Nayer arguing on agreeing and retracting, it is due to poor governance at our end which is being exploited. It also remains mystery who killed instantly the notable Police Officer who was investigating. Only investigative reports be made public. It is the responsibility of the T.V. channels, on the both sides of the divide to promote harmony and look for conflict resolution and give sufficient time to investigators to arrive at conclusion. The peak of tolerance is most readily achieved by those who are not burdened with convictions (Alexander Chase) what underlines tolerance is the recognition that there is plenty of room is the world for alternatives to co-exist as peaceful neighbors for the betterment of our poor masses.



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